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History of Ose Nsukka (Yello Pepper)

Late Professor Joseph Uzor Ogbonna of Agric dept. UNN, bred a species of pepper and named it “ose Nsukka” he also bred the tomato we know as “dericca”. He won a UNESCO prize for these in 1985, and was asked by the University to plant an Ofor tree at the entrance of the school. Many people do not know that the Cameroon pepper you buy is Ose Nsukka. Well, I’m not so sure, but according to the story, some Cameroonian students in the 1980s in UNN took the seeds home and grew. But because the pepper did’nt grow well outside Nsukka, they resorted to grinding it.
Ose Nsukka is one the best peper with unique aroma
modernised ose Nsukka in sachet
This is why there isn’t really fresh Cameroon pepper around, but dried ground one. In 2008 researchers revealed that Ose Nsukka can be grown well in Enugu North, West and East. The Pepper is becoming very popular and they are making a WHOLE LOT of money from this pepper. The research revealed that since the Ose Nsukka was highly perishable, the preservation industry had to come in.
They tested different methods and the Salting-Blanching-Sundrying method worked perfectly, retaining its flavour and yellowish traits unlike the half ripe-dried-ground Cameroon pepper. This Ose Nsukka is highly aromatic and is highly sourced by Pharmaceuticals to produce stimulant and counter irritant balms and Food Manufacturing Industries to season processed foods. This is why researchers have been calling on S.E State Govt. to harmonise trade data. There’s so much trade going on under our noses and it’s this data that investors need.The second image is a sample of the processed fresh Ose Nsukka. It hasn’t saturated the local or foreign markets yet.
source: Ifechidere and Chikezie

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