Iron smelting in Igbo Land. oldest iron smelting site found in Nsukka

In 2018, Associate Professor Pamela Ijeoma Eze-Uzoamaka and her team of Archaeologists discovered the oldest Iron Smelting site in the world at Village Square of Lejja Community in Nsukka Local Government Area. The slags found at the site dates back to over 4000 years ago, a period before the birth of Abraham who is the father of Jews and Arabs.  The discovery proves that before the birth of Abraham, there was an organized civilization in Nsukka which invalidates the purported Igbo Jewish Ancestory. The onus lies on the State Governor who is also from Igbo Nsukka to fully transform the site into a befitting tourist center.


source: Igbo_Nsukka_United_Front

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