Peace mass transit new Order for customers

To maintain our Covid-19 compliance, guarantee optimum comfort for our esteemed passengers, and safety of consignments, customers with luggage are, please, advised to note the following, henceforth:

(1) A passenger is entitled to travel with a hand luggage, in SAME bus;

(2) Consignments/Items above the size/weight of a hand luggage are to be way-billed through PMT Logistics (PMTL) and moved in designated cargo vans;

(3) A passenger who desires to arrive his/her destination SAME day with a way-billed consignment is advised to arrange to check in such goods, latest, the day BEFORE the journey proper;

(4) Trained PMTL staff are on standby at every PMT depot to cater to passengers’ general luggage needs;

(5) Our waybill charges have been harmonised for all categories of goods, including delicate/sensitive consignments, to make them pocket- friendly;

(6) Please, avoid illegal/unofficial waybill in your own interest.

Thank You.


PMT Mgt.

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