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Recent road infrastructure in Nsukka (AKu road Before and Now)


In 2015, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi promised to transform Nsukka into a modern city. He stated in his first inaugural speech as Governor, that his administration “will modernize Nsukka to compete with other University towns in attracting technology and knowledge-based businesses and other industrial support ventures, bearing in mind that Nsukka is the second largest town in Enugu State”. The governor went further to inaugurate an eleven man committee of Enugu State Development Association with the mandates to “… identify the factors responsible for the slow pace of development in Nsukka and to develop a master plan or modify existing one..” With that, it seemed that all was set to evolve the university town into a modern city that would compete with its colonial counterparts

Aku road in 2015 was no go area and it was normally flooded
Aku road after reconstruction by Governor ugwuanyi in 2020

This is Aku Road at Nsukka. Before now, taking it back to four years ago, this road was impassble during rainy seasons. As you can see, the road is now reconstructed and asphalted by the government of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. Aku road is one among others roads that have taken new look.

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