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Strength, capacity and population of the Igbo Nsukka people

The first step towards conquering a nation is to deny them true knowledge of whom they truly are. That way, you pave way for marketing them lies about themselves, making them to devalue themselves and see themselves as weaklings and powerless people. This is because defeating a people psychologically is the best and easiest way to rule and control them forever.
The Europeans used the above tactics on the African people and it worked effectively for them, thus; making Africans see themselves as never do wells and everything African as inferior, worthless and even devilish. Recently, Africans are gradually waking up from that psychological defeat and embracing their culture.
This system of psychological is not very different from what people within and around the Igbo Nsukka nation have been trying to inflict on the people of Igbo Nsukka. They try to belittle everything about the Nsukka nation, and when an Nsukka son or daughter proves to them beyond every reasonable doubt that he or she is superior to them, they come with that disdain remark that “you don’t behave like Nsukka people”. That is the worst insult to a man and his people, by insinuating that his people are all worthless and he is the only sensible person amongst them.
To put an end to that satanic narrative from the pit of hell, it has become imperative for us to educate everyone on the STRENGTH, CAPACITY AND POPULATION of the Igbo Nsukka people.
From pre-historic times and pre-colonial times, Igbo Nsukka have been known for bravery, wisdom and intelligence. The oldest known civilization in this part of the world is arguably traced to Igbo Nsukka. The Iron Smelting site discovered at Lejja proves that there was a well organized society in Igbo Nsukka, long before Abraham was born around 4000 years ago. This is further complemented by the discovery of glazed pots and farm tools by Prof. Hartle. D. D at the University of Nigeria Nsukka Farm Site, dating back to 5000 years ago. This clearly shows that when other nations were yet to be formed or have a name, Igbo Nsukka was already living a well organized life and doing wonders in science and technology which is proved by the numerous iron smelting sites at Lejja, Opi, Umundu, Aku, Orba, Odenigwe, etc. Ogbodu Aba had unique Burial Chambers that must have been probably copied by the Egyptian Civilization, because that of Ogbodu Aba is years older than that of the Pharaohs of Egypt.
In the pre-colonial times, the bravery and wisdom of Igbo Nsukka continued. OCHIMA, a community located in present day Igbo-Etiti LGA was one the few communities that challenged the colonialism tendencies of the Europeans when they refused Europeans entry into their community and killed one of them in the process. This uncommon bravery and courage would later pitch Igbo Nsukka people against the white men who sent battalions to Ochima and committed genocide against them.
Despite being distanced by White men due to our resistance to their domination, Igbo Nsukka men and women fought through thick and thin against all odds to regain their prized position as a land of wise, intelligent and brave men that will never be subdued.
When it was time for a University to be built in Nigeria, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe being a seasoned leader and Administrator sited the University of Nigeria Nsukka in Nigeria because Nsukka has one of the best environments for human habitation and growth in the country.
Despite never having any access to any of the unity schools or any good relationship with the colonial masters, Igbo Nsukka has risen to become one of the largest concentration of professors from one Zone. Producing brilliant and intelligent officers across all the Armed Forces, such that almost All the universities in Nigeria, especially in Southern Nigeria are filled with Professors from Igbo Nsukka.
In the post colonial Nigeria which was mostly characterized by the Civil War which Igbo Nsukka was the worst hit because we are the closest to the North. The Internally Displaced Biafrans were mostly from Igbo Nsukka.
After the devastation of the Civil War on Igbo Nsukka, recovery became a tedious task as almost everything we owned were destroyed. One of the prestigious Nsukka men, Chief John Nnia Nwodo told stories of how children of kings became bus conductors.
However, in the sheer bravery and wisdom of the Igbo Nsukka man, men and women of Igbo Nsukka have gained their grounds in almost all spheres of the economy barely few years after the war.
They are competing favourably in all the major markets in Nigeria, such as the Onitsha markets, the Lagos markets, the Aba markets, and even Kano markets, same way they are competing favourably in the education sector and the civil service.
Politically, Igbo Nsukka men and women have continued to make their marks, producing ministers and notable leaders across the country.
When Enugu State was created, as is normal with us, an Nsukka man clinched the seat of the governor. Though the tenure was short lived, but Igbo Nsukka men and women continued to wax stronger.
When Civilian rule returned in 1999, the journey to relegate Nsukka to the background began.
The then governor who enjoyed the goodwill of Igbo Nsukka people in his first term chose to rob Nsukka off everything that is due to us by lifting several institutions and projects originally meant for Igbo Nsukka like Enugu State University of Science and Technology, ESUT and Esut teaching hospital amongst other things and siting them in his place in a brutal attempt to underdevelope Igbo Nsukka.
This engineered the Nsukka General Assembly who stood up to the occasion in 2003 and fought the sitting government tooth and nail. The election was later brutally flawed with violence and bloodshed, thus; denying an Nsukka man his mandate in the election that has gone into book as the most rigged and violent election in the history of Nigeria and Enugu State in particular.
In all these, Igbo Nsukka people were never dettered. When we took back the reigns of leadership in 2015, the difference was clear. Peace, tranquility, freedom, love, Justice, unity and happiness returned to Enugu State. Unlike his predecessors, the Nsukka man in power does not seek to deal with any zone but has continued to distribute his rural development agenda across all zones.

The capacity and potentials of Igbo Nsukka has never been a subject of debate because it is glaring to all and sundry. In both human and natural resources, Igbo Nsukka is greatly endowed.
With one of the best climates in this part of the world, the potential and capacity of Igbo Nsukka to be the food basket of the entire South East region has never been in doubt.
With Ezimo water fall, Adada/Oji rivers confluence, Oldest Iron smelting sites, Ancient Egyptian-like tombs, amazing hills and valleys and other water bodies, Igbo Nsukka has the capacity to become the best tourist destination in this part of the world.
Politically, Igbo Nsukka have produced men and women to reckon with in Nigerian Politics. It’s on record that Enugu North alone has 53% of the voting strength in Enugu State. This is notwithstanding the fact that Enugu East LGA, Enugu Nortg LGA and Enugu South LGA and made up of 30% Igbo Nsukka people plus Isi-Uzo local government.
These put together implies that Igbo-Nsukka has over 65% of the voting population in Enugu State and hence have the capacity to call the shots in Enugu State Politics.

According to population estimates of the Nigerian Population Commission, the population of Igbo Nsukka geographical area as at 2016 stands at 1,860,600 out of the 4 million total population of Enugu State.
This is also taking into account that over 30% of the three leading local governments in Enugu East senatorial zone is made up of Igbo Nsukka people.
It is this population, though underutilized that has led to the unprecedented voting strength of Igbo Nsukka nation.
Therefore, in examining the strength, capacity and population of Igbo Nsukka nation, it is easily deduced that GREATNESS is synonymous with Igbo Nsukka and its time for us to utilize our greatness for the development of our dear land and for the growth of our people.

precolonial nsukka igbo village square

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