The list: top five funniest comedian in Nsukka, Enugu state Nigeria

  1. Mama ukamaka comedy is Nsukka comedian that uses both igbo nsukka and English language to put smiles on his audience face. The comedian is male but plays the role of female as mama uka and ukamaka. He also plays the role of papa ukamaka in his recent video. The mama uka comedy house is his official Facebook page. According him, creative comedy house is where u come for your high hypertension free medicine.. a home of laughter and good lesson. His facebook page has 67,381  likes with 230 videos. contact; 08032542270
Mama Uka comedy house

2. Ada Nsukka another popular comedian from Nsukka. She majorly uses igbo nsukka language to make her audience laugh. ADa nsukka facebook page has 7,799. she is also on instagram, youtube.


3. Mama nsukka. mama nsukka is a male comedian that plays the role of aggressive old village woman. He uses nsukka language to put smiles in his audience face. His facebook page has 5,619 likes. you can contact him with 09028574783. He is popularly known as Guy woman Comedian.

4. Mc Kokoli is a comedian from Nsukka in Enugu state Nigeria. Mc Kokoli uses igbo nsukka language to put smiles in his audience face. He is professional courser in Nsukka language. His Facebook page has 5,422 likes. contact;08134750039

5. Q-One comedy house. The comedian uses English and igbo to put smiles on their audience face. The official  facebook page of Q-one comedy house has 3,763 likes.

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