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The recent and ongoing media attack on senator chukwuka utazi is laughable

I’m not a die hard supporter of Senator Chukwuka Utazi, but some of our Youths are simply “fertilizer used in growing weeds”.

The ongoing media attack against Senator Utazi is permutable;

1. 2023 game is gradually announcing itself.

2. Some prodigal Youths are gradually nursing the ideas of tracing their tracks.

3. Some Easus in our midst has exhausted their birthright and even the mussels of bread they collected during election has gone to thin air.

4. A lot (media jobers) are now gunning for relevancy at all cost and hunting for anything to lay hand upon knowing FULLY WELL that they’ve been used and dumped.

5. Media is the only village their mischievousness, hypocrisy and unbridled passion can easily be sampled and still bought over by some innocent but myopic and moronic supporters.

Fact “When you decide not to choose your fight aright, you ends up with the wrong fight.” I think some of our Youths are choosing the wrong fight.

Though these attacks has INDIRECT benefits to the people; but IF truly these ongoing attacks is for a DIRECT betterment of Nsukka land and not a show of strife, power tussles which has chosen to display herself with lots of mischievousness, then one needs to ask; is Utazi the worst performing legislator in our constituency?
Answer is NO!

So why Utazi?
Well even the devil will always give reasons to carryout his schemes. And some will tell us that it’s because of empowerment materials. But they might not like to hear that the said empowerment materials were NEVER HIDDEN from public awareness. And some might also like to say that its because ICPC visited his house, while some persons says it wasn’t true. But can we be enlightened on the forces behind the visitation of ICPC before the scheduled time to distribute the empowerment materials? “If you know you know” …And an act of giving a dog a bad name to kill her will never give us quality leadership. So waking up to tell us how bad Utazi is after you’ve eaten your birthright is laughable. Has Utazi committed “A BRAND NEW SIN” or the old ones that you all saw before now and accounted to him as righteousness?
Did you not sang OJEBEGO!
Did you not advocate for PDP ALL THE WAY!!
And to sum it up did Utazi not won the then online poll and equally won the PDP primary UNOPPOSED?

CAUTION: Don’t let the zeal for thine House bring forth consumption Psalm 69:9

On the side of Utazi;
Yes they the ICPC visited and that reminded me of my post some time in 2018 titled; “An empowerment went wrong”. This ICPC visitation is also an evidence of empowerment nearly going wrong. But what I’m trying to envisage is the scenario surrounding the empowerment saga. But of a truth remains that the empowerment materials were NEVER HIDDEN from public awareness neither have I heard that it’s being diverted.

Utazi needs to be aware that hope differed makes heart weary…(Proverbs 13:12) just as those materials depreciates with time. How can you announce to the public about the said empowerment since August 2018 (as contained on page 31 of your Scorecard) and nearly a year after, the said materials are yet to be distributed. Though reasons for that has been given, but that is were you broke the hedge thereby giving serpent the opportunity to bite…(Ecclesiastes 10:8).
Well, now that the materials are being distributed, I pray that this will not be taken to be your achievement of 100days for this second term. And equally pray that God in His infinite mercy and grace will strengthen you to do much more as our expectations remains high.

Finally; for those who screams kill him! Kill him!! Kill him!!!… pause a little;
A deeper insight should caution one saying; as an orchadist who has had his garden for ages with barren plants, is it rightful in your reasoning to destroy this your new plant which is developing flowers without uprooting those old plants that has perpetually shown prove of barreness? 

Of course amongst all our past legislators and even the current ones, Utazi can’t be said to be the worst. Yet we celebrates them all! So why the sudden attack on Utazi few months after the same people sang his praises? Well the answer is hidden in No1-5 above.

Utazi is currently on his 5th year as a Federal legislator, and I know of our brother who spent 12 years in the person of Senator Okoro, and another of our brother who spent 8 years in the person of Senator Ayogu and also our brother from Ovoko in the person of Hon Asadu who is currently on his 13th year as a Federal legislator (Green chamber) yet Utazi can’t be said to have performed or performing worst than them but you still sang and sings their praises…

Well in a nutshell, Nsukka zone has not been known with capacity legislators cum leadership. All we see is just one or two being better than others. And magnifying Senator Utazi’s shortcomings is also an error taking too far because those you are praising are not even better than him. And if we must get it right, we must learn to choose the right fight and avoid being used as fertilizers good for growing weeds.

Source: Ezugwu Samuel Ngwu (facebook user)

senator utazi distributes constituency project items

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